FORZA 450 Assembly kit (88334)


* Bearing blocks with integrated servo mounts ? solid servo mounting and direct linkages to the swash plate.
* Carbon frames which are rigid and lightweight give a very clean look to the helicopter.
* The servos can be easily removed from the helicopter frame.
* Adjustable servo horns are included to provide an accurate linkages. (Only for JR servos)
* 6mm main shaft, 4mm tail shaft - strong and crash resistant.
* Autorotation one way bearing integrated into the pinion gear, allowing a simple and leightweight main gear.
* Helical tooth main gear results in a smooth drive train and low noise footprint.
* The new belt drive system features a large front pulley, giving low drag drive to the tail rotor.
* Originally-designed control lever - very simple with no free play - feels like a much larger helicopter.
* FRP canopy neatly covers all the mechanics, giving a simple and smart appearance.



€ 267,00 Price: € 250,00
Overall Height
135 mm
Main Rotor Diameter
731 mm
Tail Rotor Diameter
155.5 mm
Gross Weight
820g or more
Suitable main rotor blades
Carbon 325 - 350mm
Gear Ratio
9.07 : 1 : 4.29
Swash type
Overal Length
663 mm
Overall Width
222 mm