FORZA 700 Assembly kit SPEED ed. (88370)

The new JR Forza 700 SPEED

The fastest racing helicopter FORZA 700 SPEED
The flagship 3D machine FORZA 700 is newly-evolved to a Speed Monster !
Finely-honed form which minimize air resistance maximally and forward tilting rotor head which transform the Li-Po power fully, let this Speed Monster seeks the limits of speed.


  • Highly-accurate machined gears.
    By increasing size of housing, reduce the gears get twisted cause by thrust load.
    * These gears can be also installed on Forza700.
  • Shorten the tail rotor blade to the utmost limit (92mm) yet keep the straightness and reduce power loss.
  • Newly-designed landing gear to reduce air resistance to the max.
  • A front body covers the swash plate to create a stream line to the rear body. Mount the bottom cover to lower frame to creat a smooth airflow.
  • Large front body ensure visibility even at high-speed.
    You can also enjoy sport flying by changing the skid.
  • A reliable genuine Forza 700 rotor head that has enough power for extreme 3D flight.
    Pitch rod is upgraded to a turnbuckle threaded rod that is capable of fine-tuning and also ensure the rigidity.
    [Recommended main rotor blade] XB720-F3C (#83136)
  • Ample space for a larger motor and ESC. Pinion gear T13 (shaft dia. 6mm) is the standard feature. Motor KV 500-560 is recommended. (12S)
    * If your motor has 8mm shaft dia., No.62029 "Pinion gear T13 for 8mm motor shaft" is ruquired.

Price: € 1.153,00
Tail Rotor Diameter
288 mm
Gear Ratio
T11: 10.2:1:4.72 ; T12: 9.3:1:4.72
Overall Height
356 mm
Gross Weight
approx 5.1 Kg
Overal Length
1332 mm
Swash type
120 CCPM
Main Rotor Diameter
1559 mm
Suitable main rotor blades
Carbon blades 710 mm
Overall Width
210 mm